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AI in Healthcare
Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new electricity and the analogy of the Internet does not do justice. Medicine will be reshaped by AI. Clinicians of today and tomorrow will need to learn its application and limits. Physicians of tomorrow will need to re-invent themselves as Digital Healers!

Digital Health
Digital Health

Pandemic unearthed the inequalities in both public and personal health. Telehealth showed the way to contactless care. Virtual Care is now; one of the primary methods of care delivery. Clinicians need to learn Web-side care as much Bed-side care.

Value Care in Neurology

Neurologist Shortage and the aging population has brought an unmet need in neurological care. Primary care physicians need to take Neurological assessment and therapeutic forward. Our review concentrates on Value-Based practical Neurological care

Choosing a Medical Specialty

Choosing a Medical Specialty

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Healthcare is Undergoing a Digital Revolution!

Are you aware of the healthcare trends

of the future?

- Digital Health

- Artificial Intelligence

- Advanced Practice Providers

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Why - AINeuroCare Academy?

Healthcare is going through a Digital Revolution


  • Medical knowledge is doubling every 3 months. We need to translate knowledge into Value
  • Virtual Care will be the primary method of care delivery. We need to learn Web-Side Manner
  • Artificial Intelligence will be the core technology of Healthcare 4.0. We need to advocate for patients.



AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 

Clinical Application in Neurosciences

This course provides a foundation of AI in healthcare for Clinicians and Simultaneously discusses healthcare for AI engineers. We use Neurology to explain clinical application of AI in Healthcare.

Virtual Care for Clinicians

Virtual Care for Clinicians

Case Studies in TeleNeurology

Telehealth is healthcare now. This course is designed to give the foundation of Virtual care for clinicians to provide efficient and effective care in the Digital ERA. This course is for all specialties but we do deep dive into Teleneurology

Neurology for Non-Neurologist 

Value Based Care Approach to Neurology

An Umbrella course with Mini-Courses to learn Value-Based Care.

Designed for Clinicians that provide primary Care.

- Basic Clinical Neurology
- Epilepsy Initial Investigations & Chronic Management
- Stroke Acute Workflow & Secondary Prevention
- Movement Disorder Initial Investigations & Chronic Management
- Headache Initial Investigations & Chronic Management

Core Faculty

Junaid S Kalia MD

Edupreneur, Founder AINeuroCare

AI in Healthcare & Telehealth Strategist

Junaid has been a lifelong learner & educator. His special interest in AI in healthcare and Digital Health stems from his deep belief that technology will bring outstanding health benefits if applied correctly. This propelled him to be an Edupreneur to impart practical knowledge in Value-Based Care in general and Neurology in particular. Using technologies like virtual care and artificial intelligence.

Subspecialty: NeuroCritical Care, Stroke, Epilepsy

Danish E Bhatti MD

Associate Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Danish is the curriculum director for Neurology residents and Movement disorders fellows with a strong interest to reform the curricula into modular courses and have developed blended learning courses for them. He directs an online mini-fellowship in Movement Disorders since 2017. Directs annual training camps and workshops in Movement Disorders including use of botulinum toxin and Deep Brain Stimulation therapy.

Subspecialty: Movement Disorder

Muhmmad A Khan MD

Assistant Professor Neurology University of Arizona - Section Chief General Neurology

Awais has a passion for teaching and excellence in patient care. He leads the Nervous system block for medical students at esteem University of Arizona. Has a holistic and clinically applicable approach to Nervous system teaching that creates a good foundation for medical students, interns and residents in Neurology.

Subspecialty: Neurophysiology

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